Staff transportation

Staff transportation

We sugest a new sevice “Staff transportation”.

Quarantine makes all of us to adapt to the new reality. The absence of using public transport to get to the work is one of them. VIP transfer suggests a relevant service for the employee’s transportation to and from the work. It will ensure the stable work of your company, office, or shop in the period of quarantine and minimizes your losses. You just need to give us necessary information for making a optimal logistic plan. Everything else is our concern.

You can be sure in car delivering time and compliance of the sanitary requirements during the quarantine period, which are:

  • Driver is in a mask;
  • the car is ventilated after each trip,
  • external and internal door handles, steering wheel, doors and a torpedo inside the cabin are treated with an antiseptic.

With “Staff transportation” you can save your money because the payments for several employees are done by one check, but not in a separate way.