Meeting with flowers

Встреча с цветами Meeting with flowers

One of the features of our company is the unique service «Meeting with flowers».

In some cases, there is a wish to express feelings to someone in a special way or surprise this person, to make something non-trivial. Meeting flowers at the airport can be a great opportunity to realize such ideas. This service became extremely popular very quickly. The secret is in easy realization and absence of hidden payments.

How does it work?

On the way to the airport, the driver goes firstly to a flower shop, sends you photos of several options for bouquets with a price list. You choose the one that you like the most. And that is all, the surprise is ready. The driver will meet your guest with flowers, and then take to the place of arrival quickly, safely, and in a good mood.

There were two memorable situations.

Once the man stayed late at an important working meeting and did not have time to meet the girl at the airport. He did an order throw a messenger and was really worried if we had enough time to meet a girl on time. But at that moment there was a free driver in the airport «Boryspil». We suggested our customer to use a service «Meeting with flowers». The driver found in the flower shop eustoma and sent pictures to our client. They decided on a color and number of flowers together, so the shop seller made a wonderful bouquet. Afterward, the driver met a girl at the airport and drove her to the bank, where she waited. Everyone was satisfied and the girl was happy with such a surprise and was not offended that she was not met.

Another situation was when the flight was postponed and the customer could not meet his mom. Due to the flight postponing to the early morning, the driver went to the flower shop in the evening before. Using a video conference with a customer, they decided on a bouquet of roses together and gave this to the women during the meeting. Afterward, we got a grateful letter from the customer with details, how much we helped him in that situation, and basically saved from the family troubles.
So, do not underestimate for pleasant surprises! Give your relatives moments of happiness. Especially, when it is so easy to realize.